Dare to Receive




Do you know that it takes courage to receive?


It’s a brave positioning of self.


It flies in the face of a culture that says, “Give, Do, Perform, Serve.”


It’s an impudent thing, receiving.


It requires a deep trust in your own worthiness….something our culture does not propagate.  It means expecting good things to come to you, just because.


Yes, receiving is damn bold thing.


I mean the kind of receiving where you wake up in the morning, fling your arms wide open, and posture yourself to soak it ALL in.  All the Love, all the goodness, all the kindness, all the favor, all the provision, etc.


Do you dare?



Do you dare to drink voraciously from the Fountain of Life?


Do you dare to allow Wonder and Nourishment to pour forth upon you in excess?


Oh how small we play the game!


How apologetic we become about our blessings.


You are worthy.  Period.  Worthy of all Goodness.  All Bounty.  All Prolific Sustenance.


There is no shortage.


No lack.


You are not required to give and give and give until you are dried up, exhausted, worn out.


The Fountain of Life is ever flowing.  It’s a constant Source both within and without us.  As you receive so you give.  As you give so you receive.  One is not more noble.


I like to visualize it like I’m full of porous holes.  The water pours in and flows out, constantly.  I’m always saturated and full and overflowing and juicy.


I don’t like the container idea because it’s boxy and stifling and implies I can get empty and need something outside of me to fill me up again.


Rather I’m right under the waterfall.  And it’s refreshing me always and spilling over to those around me….great big splashes and splooshes of love, peace, desire, fulfillment…..


Dare to receive.


Consciously receive.  Consciously tune your Knowing to this Fountain.  It’s Present.  Doesn’t need to be summoned.  It just Is.


The Universe within you is as large if not larger than the one outside of you.  Yes, the trees and birds and sky and breezes all nourish you.  Yes, the angels delight to assist you and provide for you.  Yes, the food we eat provides nutrition and harvest for our cells.


And Yes, our own internal Universe is a constant Fountain of Life as well.


Our own hearts resonate with the Divine Light and Love.  Our own souls are electric with Grace, Deep Peace, Wisdom and Ecstatic Love.


So let’s ignore all those old conversations about shortage and not being lovable.  Oh boy is it a new day.  The old is going…..and yes, we are remembering the Beauties that we are.


Begin a practice, until it becomes a habit, of positioning yourself to receive.  You can do this anywhere anytime, anywhere all the time.  Let the resistance go, let the conversations be silenced, and just fling open your very BEING to drink and allow.


This is going to be good!

With admiration,





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