Been Flying Lately?

I was driving out in the Texas countryside recently and I got to witness a crop-duster doing their thing.  Have you ever seen a crop-duster “perform” their magic?

I was riveted.  At first glance I thought the plane was a massive remote control plane (as silly as that sounds) because it was swooping and curling and dipping and diving, much like a remote control plane would do.  My brain knew it was too big though to really be that.  I was truly mesmerized by the way the plane was being flown.  It was a beautiful sight!  Aerobatic, well-controlled, one minute extremely close to the ground and the next minute shooting up to miss the trees.

One of my first thoughts was “That pilot is having a ball!  They love flying that plane.  When they fly they must feel so alive, so free, so one with the plane.”  Now I realize that I am making all that up, and I also have the feeling I am pretty right on.  It was as if the pilot and the plane were one, creating majesty and life and joy for others to witness and partake of.

There are all kinds of pilots and all kinds of planes, and this pilot, I believe, chose the one kind of flying that gives him the most thrill and satisfaction and enjoyment.

For you and me, there are all kinds of avenues in this world that lead to fulfillment.  So many possibilities to consider and participate in.

What are you doing that you really love?

What percentage of your waking hours are given to enjoying  your life?  To actively engaging in those things that most give you joy?  Or being with the people you love to be with?

If you aren’t choosing fulfilling times then what is stopping you?  What’s in the way?

Perhaps you just want to tweak something in your schedule and make space for your passions.  Perhaps you want to make some radical changes in your life.

Perhaps you want to let go of some things you are giving time to that aren’t serving you or others anymore.

It’s always a good time to start again.  Every minute is a new moment.  The past is over, it can’t touch you unless you allow it to.   What new do you want in this moment?

I came to realize in the last six months or so that I have been missing out on what I REALLY love, which is to impart through teaching, speaking, lecturing, and writing.  I have set my intentions on pursuing this more because it fulfills me!!  No more excuses.  Part of coming to this awareness was my willingness to take an honest look at what I was doing and put aside right/wrong  should/shouldn’t conversations about it all.

I believe we are meant to glow.  I really mean that.  We are here to glow in fulfillment.  Today I want you to think of something that you really love doing and then take the next step to having it turn out.  And then the next step……..and the next.  It might look like reading or sketching, or it might look like a new job, a new relationship, a nap everyday, rock climbing, stargazing, bird watching………what makes you glow?

Have FUN this week, take risks, and let me know what you choose!




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