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I’m heading off to the mountains of Utah tomorrow to go skiing with my teenage boys, so I am posting this a day early.  I’m so excited to go on this trip…I feel like I’m off to meet a lover or something.  For real, it’s like I know I am going to meet someone very dear that has a message and a gift for us. I don’t that this “someone” is a literal person….more like the mountains are the person, waiting to envelop us with God, with Good.


So this has me thinking, isn’t every day like this trip?  Could it be?  Could I live with the same expectancy of Good each day when I get out of bed?  And what if I did?  What if I chose to think and feel and imagine with the same zeal and eagerness that I have today in preparation for this trip?




Do you ever wonder what this life is all about?  Like do you ever just stop and in a moment wonder?  In the middle of doing your grocery shopping, in the middle of the shower, while you are cleaning house, walking your dog, or waking up in the morning?


I certainly do.  AND, even though I am pretty darn clear what this life is for, I’m engaging this inquiry in a fresh new way.


I’m engaging it in a moment kind of way.  Let me explain.  I think it’s one thing to have this overall philosophy about why you are here and what this all is for.  Wonderful, important, keep it anchoring you.


The new way for me involves pausing or stopping throughout my day and first just becoming very present.  Silencing all the thoughts and realizing this moment alone.


First I tune into my senses and take in the surrounding smells, sights, sounds and touches.  I just hang here a moment and go deep into now.


Then I take my awareness to my heart and enjoy the calm and strength of this place.  I drink in the loving energy of Goodness that originates with Source, with God.


Then here is the really cool part to me.  I ask this question, “How can I receive the most from this moment of becoming?


What this does is it takes me straight to simplicity.  The simplicity of my being-ness.  Doesn’t matter what I’m engaged with or what my day is like, this question is an immediate tether to what I want to be about right now.


If you are in the moment sick in your body, this question can inspire you to a place of allowing and acceptance and receiving.


If you are in the moment struggling in a relationship, this question can support your awareness of how you are being and can align you again to love.


If you are in a moment of concern, this question can open up for you the provision to trust what you cannot see, and also to create something brand new.


If you are in a wonderful moment, this question can infuse you with even greater delight and expectancy.


No matter what moments you experience in your day, engaging your heart with this question can be a Divine re-calibration to what matters.  And what I love is the word “receive”.  Ahh, yes, receive.  I believe that all the Peace and Love we want is ever-present for us, and when we can learn to receive fully, we will behold this confidently.


It’s really not complicated or hard.  We humans do like to complicate things!  “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”  Confucius


The more we practice this, the more we practice just being in the energy of Love, moment by moment, we will experience Good upon Good upon Good upon Good.


Do not let your circumstances be your truth unless they are exactly what you dream of.  We are not of this world.  We are spiritual first, Divine, and of the realm of Unconditional Love and Bounty!


Moment by moment, day by day, we are seeing, we are realizing, and we are actualizing all that we dream of.  Hold fast, stay in center, and please have fun!   🙂







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