Compassion is More Than Just Human



“The universe leaves secret instructs at every turn of your day. Become investigative in nature; seek to see what lies in plain sight. Communicate with a deeper face of nature. She calls to you blindly to share her experience, as she changes costumes and acts.”


Today I bring you a story of love, devotion and compassion.


You might have heard of this special pair before.  This is a recent follow up video to their original story a couple of years ago.


I’ll let the video do the sharing for me today.  I encourage you to watch it…it’s just 3 minutes long and well worth it.


I have been moving pretty fast the last couple of days getting ready for a big event with work.  This story slowed me down to remember what really matters….the individual moments of life, the opportunities to give and receive love, and the amazing wonder all around me.


Be inspired!  You might need Kleenex!

Click on this link for the video:  ?id=7387221n&tag=pop;videos






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