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So I was having lunch yesterday with some dear friends.  We got to talking about how much we have “changed” in the last 5 years…about how we feel like new people even because of the amount of learning, transformation and shifting of paradigms that has occurred for us.


We were talking about how we used to live inside traditional boxes that now in retrospect seem confining and limiting.  Boxes of religion, boxes of culture, boxes of education, and boxes of belief. Not that those boxes were bad or wrong; in fact there were a lot of good things that were produced in those seasons of our lives.  And not that we are entirely free of boxes now……..we can still find ourselves choosing limitation rather than possibility.


We started wondering what it is that keeps us confined.  What keeps us from even noticing the walls around us.  What keeps us from seeing outside the lines of those worldviews to what lays beyond?


We were asking because we want to posture ourselves today and in the future for openness and exploration, and we want to be aware of whatever it was “back then” that blocked the larger view in hopes of breaking free more and more right now.


We came up with a couple of things that I thought worth mentioning…..things that show up for all of us as we walk out this human journey.


1. Fear:  It is fear that often keeps us from even considering new and different points of view.  It is fear that whispers in our ears to stay safe within the worldview we currently reside or within the faith context we have always known.  It can be fear of getting it wrong, fear of falling off the edge (the edge of what I might ask?), fear of God turning His back on us, and fear of being led astray.


I understand these fears because I have lived them.  I have worn them like my favorite pair of jeans and have felt so comfortable in them I didn’t even realize they were on.  What I am so grateful for are those times I step outside the lines of my comfortability despite the fear, and the times when I don’t even feel the fear and just plunge ahead into an open spree of learning.


I was thinking today that none of my earlier fears have been realized.  None of them came to pass.  In fact, just the opposite.  I found brilliance, I found color where before there was black and white, I found others who were waiting to learn alongside me, and I found a whole bunch of people I might have missed in the arrogance of my fear-lined paradigms.


2. Beliefs:  Have you considered that perhaps we think we believe things BECAUSE they are true, when in essence, I assert we make things true because we believe in them.  See the difference?  I used to have some key beliefs about relationships, God, and the world that I always thought I believed because they were capital T truth.  I have come to see in actuality that my belief in them is what made them true.  I know this in and of itself is a concept outside the lines.  Just go with me here.  🙂


The freedom in this is that it gives me the liberty to explore what I say I believe.  It provides me a gateway to really take a look around, to consider lots of other possibilities, to weigh them up, and to land where I want to land.  If you look at the field of quantum physics for example and how it’s evolved, you can see where scientists just keep uncovering data that affects what they hold as true.  Things that once were thought to be “just the way it was” have changed significantly.


What this all says to me is that life is BIG, changing, and incredibly mysterious.  That it is in my best interest to be a learner, to hold my beliefs with open hands and allow the Spirit to come and reveal the coolest of things to me.  I am so thankful that I followed the draw of Life and began to step over the boundaries of the boxes.  I often feel like some ancient explorer pulling back the foliage, peering around the vines to see what treasures lie beyond.


I believe God’s Spirit is calling….can you hear His voice?  Can you hear Him calling you to trust, to rise up, to awaken?


It’s time to color outside the lines.


Believing in Love,




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