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What if this was written on your tombstone:  (Your name) always appreciated the present and lived eager for the future.  They lived joyously and exuded fun and ease and love in all they did.”


How would you like that?  Personally, I would love this, because I know that if this was true about me, it would automatically mean that I followed my dreams, that I loved myself and others generously, and that I lived a fulfilled life.  I’ll take that.  🙂


I woke up thinking about this today… I’ve been in this “how do I want to live my life?” inquiry for awhile.  Where do I want to live?  What do I really want to do?  And with whom?  What am I about each day that compels me to live boldly?


I am on vacation this week with my sons, parents, sis and nephew.  We are having a blast.  Lots of fishing, playing games, more fishing, and enjoying one another.  My parents are so generous and being with them is guaranteed to be full of life, love, fun, and openness.  Sometimes it’s when I am in such spacious places that I gain new insight into what matters most.


I awoke this morning and listened to a 15 minute meditation on general well-being.  These next words distinctly stood out to me:

Appreciate the present and be eager for the future.


Like really no kidding….appreciate the present, Julie, and be eager for the future!


I thought I would share this today because it’s so simple.  And yet very profound.  If this is what we focused on for the next month our lives would change.  If this became our mantra and we practiced it for 30 days, we’d never be the same.


I’ve been aware lately how many wasted thoughts I have.  Just random thinking about stuff……and when I finally “wake up” and realize my revelry, I have spent anywhere from 5-10 minutes thinking about something that will NEVER serve me.  And more likely the energy given to those thoughts will detract from my life in some way.


Either because I am focused on a past issue, or on a problem rather than a solution, or on a current reality rather than the thing I really want to manifest.


What if I focused my intentions on appreciation?  Think how much I could manifest in the area of joy, peace, splendor, happiness and well-being?  What if I just took those 5-10 minutes I was referring to and spent them in appreciation of the present and/or eagerness of what is to come?


What if I actually just took 1-2 minutes throughout my day and appreciated life?  Appreciated friends, family, nature, God, provision, blessings?  Oh my, the possibilities are endless when it comes to appreciation!!


What really is eagerness for the future?  I really love these words because they convey peace, calm, assurance, and faith—not worry, stress, anxiety or confusion.  I am sure that we were never meant to have anything but eagerness about our future.  Why would we?  Why would we sow anything into our future that we don’t want to have?


Perhaps you were raised in a family where worry was the normal.  Where fear of the future was normal.  It’s not too late to change that.  Not too late to be the creator that you are meant to be.  And I believe the perfect place to start is by appreciating the NOW.  This is the seedbed for your future.


This is the place you cultivate the good feelings that stir the powerful, proactive, joyous, eager thoughts about your future.


It’s really simple.  Just spend a few minutes each day generating appreciation–feeling so so good about what is in your present, then take those feelings with you into the place of envisioning the light, fun and prosperous next NEW that you desire to experience.


We have fished tons while here at the coast.  Haven’t caught much, but I am appreciating the beautiful outdoor times, the interactions with herons and pelicans, and the fun times with my sons and family while casting our lines into the ocean.


Well-being really is after us!  It’s desire is for us to live well, live joyously and live abundantly.


I wish you a great weekend of crazy appreciation and wild flavorful eagerness!





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