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I’m sitting here this morning in my quiet house, sun streaming in my living room windows.  My cat is dozing in the ray of sun that falls around him on the carpet.  I can hear my dog on the other side of the couch breathing and grooming.  It’s very calm.


I also hear the sounds of cars driving by outside my house, and if I listen really carefully I can hear cars on HWY 290 zooming by.  It’s an interesting mix of the peacefulness inside my house and the awareness of a frenetic fast paced world right outside my door.


This morning it’s causing me to stop and take notice of how fast a pace many in our world really travel at.  Especially here in America.  I have talked to many people lately that feel an anxiety that they can’t really put their fingers on.  I would say it’s a global anxiety because so much is shifting in so many arenas so quickly.


I feel it too, some days more than others.  And I can tell when my children feel it, especially my eldest who is incredibly sensitive to environment and energy.


I am learning some things in these days about how to BE in the midst of such a fascinating time to be alive, for truly it is a privileged time to be alive.  I want to share a couple of things with you that I hope will encourage and support you.


One thing I am learning is to just sit in the unsettled “feelings” that can come.  To not fight them or try to figure them out necessarily.  I am learning to take note of them and just do my best to coast through what can feel anxious, uncomfortable, strange, and shaky.  I do ask God if there is anything He wants me to see or know or do, but I don’t strive to figure out an answer.


A key for me in this is Thankfulness.  I place my hand over my heart, which to me is the gateway to my authentic self, and I say out loud “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…….” over and over again until I notice a shift somewhere in my being.  It might be a greater sense of Peace than was there a moment before, or it might be a new sense of “everything is going to be just fine.”


I have learned to do this right when I wake up in the morning before I get out of bed.  I wake up, put my hand over my heart and start with gratefulness.  Then I turn to my breath and spend a few minutes deep breathing, still with my hand over my heart.  I consciously avail myself to the day to be a woman of Light, a woman of Love, a woman of service to others.  It’s a beautiful opportunity,I have found, to center myself with my Creator for the day and to practice self care in this way.


I am also learning to return to Thankfulness throughout the day and at night before I fall asleep.  Sometimes I have specific things I am thankful for and sometimes it’s just the practice of choosing Thankfulness that makes all the difference.


Another thing I am learning is to take the time to be inspired.  I really believe that when we connect with inspiration we serve our entire planet, because inspiration impacts our personal energy field and affects our very cells with health.  Listen to music that makes you feel good.  Talk with people that you love.  Think about things that bring you joy.  It can be as simple as thinking about what it’s like to hug someone you love, or what it’s like to cuddle with your pet….get in touch with those feelings and sit in them.  Then send that inspiration to someone else.


I was out biking in my neighborhood yesterday and my eyes landed on these stunning magenta flowers in someone’s yard.  I was taken aback by their beauty, and I let those feelings in…..I took a moment to really appreciate the color and the beauty.  It’s the simple things really, the magic moments we allow ourselves to be in, that make our lives powerful and robust.


So today, be thankful, breathe, and let yourself be inspired!


Carpe Momentum—Seize the Moment!


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