Calling All Broken Hearts




“The wound is the place the Light enters you.”  Rumi


Today I want to say a few words about “broken hearts.”


I have to say, I’ve never liked this expression or the implications of it necessarily.


My come from has been that no one has the power to break my heart….that would be up to me.  I choose how I feel and how I think about any given situation or experience.


So even in the midst of gut-wrenching experiences, up until now, I don’t think I’ve thought of them as breaking my heart.


And yet recently I found myself in an experience that was deeply painful.  I say “found myself” because it came out of the blue and took me by great surprise and shock.


I noticed myself telling others that my heart was broken.  It’s the first time I’ve used it where it felt apropos.  It felt aligned and true, in a grand scale Providential way, not in a victim woe is me kind of way.


It actually felt like the “right” thing to say, and so I was saying it right and left, because from my ever evolving vantage point, it’s as if I needed my heart broken to awaken to new discoveries and healing.


I have a good friend and mentor that shared with me, in the middle of all this, that it’s only when our hearts our “broken” that these “encasings” can fall off from around our hearts.


I love the visual of that.


These hard encasings get cracked and fall away.  These encasings are actually holding us back.  Blocking the fullness of the light from shining through.  Inhibiting us from being and soaring upward in our spiritual transformation.  They are formed from years of judgments of ourselves and others, resistance to the promptings of life, and culture breeding fear that we are not good enough.


Pain can be our servant or our master.  It can be our ally and friend or our enslaver.



We can allow pain to usher in the Light of healing and awareness or we can choose to let pain convince us that we are alone and forlorn.


This is where it’s up to you.


If a broken heart finds you, then welcome it, embrace it as your friend, and know that you can trust the Divine process of Life.  Not only are you not a victim and alone, but you are graced with an experience more precious than gold.


It’s as if Life is trusting you, knowing that you will indeed Shine all the more from the broken heart.  Life is letting you know that your Brilliance and Joy is so valuable that it must be uncovered.


Allow Love to have its way with you–to take off that encasing like a lover removes the garments of the one he’s with.  Allow the pain to be washed and washed and washed away.  Fear not.


The only thing breaking is the part that needs to fall away.


Your true heart is whole, free, alive and very well.


Fall away fall away you encasings!


Oh great Benevolent God, thank you for knowing what my life needs and is asking for.  Thank you for the Higher Perspective on all situations.  Amen.


Stay in this Divine Perspective this week.  With it comes acknowledgement, comfort and groundedness.






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