The Morning Vox : Becoming Your Own Liberator



Good morning Lovely Peeps~


I hope this message serves your life of freedom and joy today!  We are such powerful beings…today is a reminder for you of the power you hold to liberate all that holds you back.  Be Sovereign over your own life, your own heart.  It’s not difficult, it just requires remembrance and practice.


Our hearts are the center of liberation….mission control of our path.  Today I share a simple heart practice that if chosen and committed to, will be a gateway to abundance, peace and joy for you.


Would love to hear from you!  Please share your thoughts and feedback and let me know what questions you might have.


Click this link to hear the short podcast:


Big Love to All~


The Morning Vox : What to do in the Bumper Cars



Hi Everyone!


I just recorded a short podcast and posted on Sound Cloud.  Hope you enjoy it and I hope it is relevant for you all.


Is anyone out there experiencing more frustration lately? Are you feeling sometimes like you are bumping around on planet earth?


Here is some simple wisdom for staying grounded and at peace during these oh so bumpy days.


As always, I love your feedback and comments!


Much love…stay in the Light!




The Morning Vox : The Immensity of Unconditional Acceptance



Is it possible to live in unconditional acceptance of every experience we have?


Why is this important for us to practice?


What immense benefits are there to discover when we choose this form of unconditional love?


Come listen as I describe a delicious space of living that brings us to the experience of unconditional love for self. This comes in a way that most of us have not equated yet with this. It’s profound and powerful and opens up so much provision for us!


Click here for video:


As always, I invite your feedback, comments, and the sharing of your own experiences.


In deep love and gratitude,

julie  xoxo



The Morning Vox : Being a Conscious Thinker from the Heart Space



Hey Friends,


This was so enjoyable for me to communicate to you yesterday afternoon!  I did another short podcast on Soundcloud, hope you enjoy it.


We have a magnificent realm called the Heart Space.  This can be the center of our lives if we choose it.  Our thinking and creating is so much more fun and productive when we think from the heart space and not without it.  Take a listen and you’ll see what I mean.


As everything I share on…it’s simple and profound!


Go here to listen:




I value your comments and questions!

In deep appreciation,




The Morning Vox: Receive Receive and Receive!



Welcome to the Morning Vox!


Today I talk about ways of receiving that I imagine most of you have not considered before.  I invite you to take a listen so you can be empowered to be a wild and crazy receiver, because there are gifts out there waiting for you to just pick them up and take them in!


Life is full of resource and provision for us!!  We just need to know how to engage with it…it’s so simple and easy and most of us have not been taught how to be with this beautiful flow of LIFE.


Oh by the way, before the next video I will be finding solutions for better resolution!


Click here to watch today’s vlog:


I so appreciate each of you!  Peace and love to you this day.


xo  Julie



The Morning Vox: Feeding Yourself Emotionally




Hey Friends,


Here’s the latest MV…a podcast this time, so enjoy the listen!


I talk about how powerful we are to transform our lives through the practice of nourishing ourselves with the felt-resonance of what we want.  This is a direct way to dissolve lack in our lives.


At one point I say “giving and taking”….I didn’t mean that.  I meant giving and receiving!  🙂


Enjoy, and I always LOVE your comments!




The Morning Vox: The Miraculous Provision of Relaxing!





I hope you like this 3rd vlog installment…I had fun making this one!


We are miraculous beings with amazing power, and today we talk about another simple CHOICE we can make that will yield tangible results in our well-being and make way for effortless provision.


I would love to hear how these practices are being implemented in your life, so please share!


Have fun with RELAXING!


Click here for the video:


With Love,

Julie  xoxo






The Morning Vox: How the Practice of Opening Heals and Integrates





Happy Easter to all!


I hope you are enjoying your day…beautiful day here in Austin, Tx.  Everything is so green and lovely this time of the year.


Nature is opening all of the time…opening to the impulse of Spirit and the flow of Life!  Today’s vlog is about how I just applied today what I shared in the last Morning Vox and how powerful the experience was.  You will benefit from hearing about this.


I talk briefly as well about Opening….this one simple awareness and application can radically transform your life!


Here is The Morning Vox:


Would love to hear from you!  Let me know if you have any clarification questions.






Welcome to the Morning Vox!



Welcome to the Morning Vox!


I am starting to make short videos, maybe every day, maybe every few days….points of inspiration and life application practices. Short wisdom and teaching for how to have a fantastic, deep, meaningful and fun life!


Oh and they won’t necessarily come out in the morning, lol, but you need to watch the video to find out why it is called this.  🙂


Here’s the 1st installment, enjoy!  I will make the audio louder next time and the clarity.  Learning curve here.



I would love your comments, either on this page or on Youtube, and if you know someone who would like this please pass it along!


With great love,




Uncharted Territory

go pro


A few days ago a Go Pro video came across my life.


Go Pro has its own YouTube channel with some brilliantly done videos about all kinds of people in all kinds of sports in all kinds of nature settings. Since Go Pro is such an amazing camera, you can imagine the cinematography of these short films.


Well, I went from one video to the next and found myself incredibly drawn into the beauty of the earth and the adventure that these people were on. And of course I cried. I cry easily, especially when something is tapped into deep down within me.


You know that feeling…that inner groan of sorts, when Life has reached in and touched you right in your heart of hearts? It’s delicious and poignant and blog-inspiring. 🙂


There is a message for us in these videos: We are limitless!


We are in constant expansion, never static. As divine beings having a human experience, we are meant to push the edges and constantly explore what is next out there on the horizon.


In these videos we are looking at expansion in the physical realm. Have you ever noticed how humans just keep finding new ways to do sports? Just watch the Olympics or the X Games or Red Bull competitions. Every year there are brand new events, brand new ways to be on skis or bikes or skateboards, and so on. Actually there are brand new kinds of bikes and skies, etc.


What will they think of next?


Look at technology….constantly pressing out into new arenas, right there on the leading edge always.


We are absolutely the most amazing creatures! We are so brilliant and inventive, and we are made to be explorers. To dive deeper, soar higher and faster….to find the thrill in being with nature, seeing how far we can go.


This is us….this is what we do best. We are powerful and creative beyond our wildest imaginations.


Because I work with people primarily in the inner realms, I had an epiphany that everything I am witnessing in these videos is an outward expression and projection of what is also true inside of ourselves.


There are uncharted waters inside of us. Caverns and dimensions and beautiful things to uncover and explore. We are made to be adventurers of these realms too. Do you know that playing with energy and frequency is so fascinating that we could never be bored? We are creators, designers….of our own lives.


With every thought and emotion, with every deliberate shift in the vibration we are holding, we influence what we manifest.


There is no reason ever to be stagnant. In fact, you can’t be…not really. You are energy and energy is always in motion….and sometimes this energy gets trapped and held up and we feel stuck.


We need to remember that we are so powerful to shift things. We are just as vividly creative and wild and free as these athletic explorers we see in these videos.


You don’t need to tap into it like they do, you just need to go inside and take a look around. Be still and breathe. Learn about frequency and how you can be an alchemist. Learn how to influence your thoughts and emotions and play with them like a child in their sandbox.


We need to be dreaming! We need to remember that we are limitless potential! There isn’t anything holding us back except our own limited thinking and mental concepts.


We are always evolving and expanding, and you can support this by allowing everything to open you.


These athletes, these energetic men and women…they will tell you that their success depends on their ability to be in the moment, on their choice to be in the flow, focused and relaxed, and on their intention to enjoy the ride.


We need to lighten up on the path of enlightenment. 🙂


There are new horizons for us, no matter your age or your physical status. It’s not too late for anything! In fact, it’s the perfect time.


You are an exquisite being. Time to throw off entanglements and believe for something new. Time to take up the mantle of explorer and set off inside your own heart. What is really there? Who are you really?


Do something today to signify you are ready for a new edge of discovery. Find a way to tell the Universe that you are surrendering your fears and are open to the uncharted. Don’t let anything hold you back. Own your life!


I’m throwing off all limitations! Will you join me?


Here’s an awesome Go Pro Vid:

As always, I love your comments!

Love to each of you,




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