The Morning Vox: The Miraculous Provision of Relaxing!





I hope you like this 3rd vlog installment…I had fun making this one!


We are miraculous beings with amazing power, and today we talk about another simple CHOICE we can make that will yield tangible results in our well-being and make way for effortless provision.


I would love to hear how these practices are being implemented in your life, so please share!


Have fun with RELAXING!


Click here for the video:


With Love,

Julie  xoxo






The Morning Vox: How the Practice of Opening Heals and Integrates





Happy Easter to all!


I hope you are enjoying your day…beautiful day here in Austin, Tx.  Everything is so green and lovely this time of the year.


Nature is opening all of the time…opening to the impulse of Spirit and the flow of Life!  Today’s vlog is about how I just applied today what I shared in the last Morning Vox and how powerful the experience was.  You will benefit from hearing about this.


I talk briefly as well about Opening….this one simple awareness and application can radically transform your life!


Here is The Morning Vox:


Would love to hear from you!  Let me know if you have any clarification questions.






Welcome to the Morning Vox!



Welcome to the Morning Vox!


I am starting to make short videos, maybe every day, maybe every few days….points of inspiration and life application practices. Short wisdom and teaching for how to have a fantastic, deep, meaningful and fun life!


Oh and they won’t necessarily come out in the morning, lol, but you need to watch the video to find out why it is called this.  🙂


Here’s the 1st installment, enjoy!  I will make the audio louder next time and the clarity.  Learning curve here.



I would love your comments, either on this page or on Youtube, and if you know someone who would like this please pass it along!


With great love,




Uncharted Territory

go pro


A few days ago a Go Pro video came across my life.


Go Pro has its own YouTube channel with some brilliantly done videos about all kinds of people in all kinds of sports in all kinds of nature settings. Since Go Pro is such an amazing camera, you can imagine the cinematography of these short films.


Well, I went from one video to the next and found myself incredibly drawn into the beauty of the earth and the adventure that these people were on. And of course I cried. I cry easily, especially when something is tapped into deep down within me.


You know that feeling…that inner groan of sorts, when Life has reached in and touched you right in your heart of hearts? It’s delicious and poignant and blog-inspiring. 🙂


There is a message for us in these videos: We are limitless!


We are in constant expansion, never static. As divine beings having a human experience, we are meant to push the edges and constantly explore what is next out there on the horizon.


In these videos we are looking at expansion in the physical realm. Have you ever noticed how humans just keep finding new ways to do sports? Just watch the Olympics or the X Games or Red Bull competitions. Every year there are brand new events, brand new ways to be on skis or bikes or skateboards, and so on. Actually there are brand new kinds of bikes and skies, etc.


What will they think of next?


Look at technology….constantly pressing out into new arenas, right there on the leading edge always.


We are absolutely the most amazing creatures! We are so brilliant and inventive, and we are made to be explorers. To dive deeper, soar higher and faster….to find the thrill in being with nature, seeing how far we can go.


This is us….this is what we do best. We are powerful and creative beyond our wildest imaginations.


Because I work with people primarily in the inner realms, I had an epiphany that everything I am witnessing in these videos is an outward expression and projection of what is also true inside of ourselves.


There are uncharted waters inside of us. Caverns and dimensions and beautiful things to uncover and explore. We are made to be adventurers of these realms too. Do you know that playing with energy and frequency is so fascinating that we could never be bored? We are creators, designers….of our own lives.


With every thought and emotion, with every deliberate shift in the vibration we are holding, we influence what we manifest.


There is no reason ever to be stagnant. In fact, you can’t be…not really. You are energy and energy is always in motion….and sometimes this energy gets trapped and held up and we feel stuck.


We need to remember that we are so powerful to shift things. We are just as vividly creative and wild and free as these athletic explorers we see in these videos.


You don’t need to tap into it like they do, you just need to go inside and take a look around. Be still and breathe. Learn about frequency and how you can be an alchemist. Learn how to influence your thoughts and emotions and play with them like a child in their sandbox.


We need to be dreaming! We need to remember that we are limitless potential! There isn’t anything holding us back except our own limited thinking and mental concepts.


We are always evolving and expanding, and you can support this by allowing everything to open you.


These athletes, these energetic men and women…they will tell you that their success depends on their ability to be in the moment, on their choice to be in the flow, focused and relaxed, and on their intention to enjoy the ride.


We need to lighten up on the path of enlightenment. 🙂


There are new horizons for us, no matter your age or your physical status. It’s not too late for anything! In fact, it’s the perfect time.


You are an exquisite being. Time to throw off entanglements and believe for something new. Time to take up the mantle of explorer and set off inside your own heart. What is really there? Who are you really?


Do something today to signify you are ready for a new edge of discovery. Find a way to tell the Universe that you are surrendering your fears and are open to the uncharted. Don’t let anything hold you back. Own your life!


I’m throwing off all limitations! Will you join me?


Here’s an awesome Go Pro Vid:

As always, I love your comments!

Love to each of you,




The Front Line





I so like to write about current events and how we can respond to them in uplifting and supportive ways.


This is where the rubber meets the road in our spiritual journey….how am I responding? To anything, to anyone…to everything, to everyone?


Our power always lies in our responses, and yet we give that power away when we react.


For me, responding is choosing. Reacting is “it” choosing me. “It” happens before I know it…oops I have reacted to some stimulus in anger, fear, judgment, frustration…some form of resistance to what is.


Ah but response is poetry. It’s deliberate, conscious, powerful, and present.


It feels no need to please others and no desire to make everyone happy. And yet, it’s wise and from the heart. It has no enemies, for it is full of compassion and truth.


The more I live in the present moment—the more I am present to the unfolding moment, the more spacious my life is, and the more I am able to respond from my higher self.


When I live in the past or the future, when I am ungrounded, and when I have a lot of unprocessed emotions, the more readily I might react to what comes my way, whether that be from a friend, from social media, or from something I read or see on TV.


Living on planet earth right now is a bit like riding a roller coaster every day. Some people love roller coasters and some people can’t stand them.  No matter where you stand, I recommend choosing to love the incoming energies and ride them like a wave. Surrender, allow, observe, and let go of everything you might hold onto.


The best way through is by trusting in the benevolent Universe and letting the energies go right through you.


If you are hanging onto fear then this ride could be rough. Let it go. It’s just an illusion anyway. These days compel us to step up in a new level of trust, and I know there is more than enough Grace for us! There is Love abounding, profound healing, and all that we need and want available for us!


We create the path forward….not someone else. No matter what you are believing in these days and no matter what side of the fence you fall on issues, I highly recommend choosing the path of unity consciousness. Choose love, choose freedom, choose compassion….choose to see those you disagree with in kindness and respect.


This is the path forward. Responding with ability….Responding from our hearts…seeing with inner eyes not just our visual sight, which does not tell us what is true after all.


This is an important time to make sure you are processing your own emotions. Be with what is coming up for you and take the time to ground, cleanse, release, and be thankful.


If you need some good processing tools, send me an email and I’ll support you. My email is:


Paramahansa Yogananda, known for introducing Kriya Yoga to the West said:

“I will calm the wrath of others by the good example of my tranquility, especially when I see my brothers suffering from the delirium of anger.”


So much anger is coming out of humanity right now. It’s okay, old wounds are coming up to the surface to be healed, and people are using their voices. These too will be cleansed.


This is our time humanity. Heal yourself, rise up in compassion, and join the forces of Light for the good of the planet.

This is the front line….our loving, powerful, kind, and wise responses.

Would love to hear from you!




Our Inaugural Day





The famous Beatle’s song, “All You Need is Love,” has been pouring through me the last few days. It’s like this current running underneath the ground silently but endlessly.  All we need is love.


When I look at this world I have a choice. I can see how broken down it is, how messed up everything seems from the bottom up…or maybe the top down.  I can see the current reality, the greed, control, poverty and war.  I can see what my physical eyes see.


Or I can view the world from an elevated perspective–from my God self, with my higher consciousness. From this view, I see possibilities. I see a bright light and a bright new day. I see with compassion and I see with the eyes of pure Light.


All we need is love.


It’s so interesting to me that on one hand this world and its issues seem so so complex, like it will take hundreds of years to “right the wrongs.” And on the other hand it’s all so so simple. If each person, well, if even a certain percentage of the people, would let go of anger, fear and separatism and would choose love, compassion and unity, this world would shift in a day. I mean that.


It’s not hard, maybe we’ve been led to believe that it is.  It’s as simple as each person realizing they are responsible for the world. If each person would move from head to heart, align with their true nature of love, and see everyone else as brother and sister, there would be peace and abundance for all.


And yes, I am optimistic for this! For you see, it doesn’t really take each person. It just takes enough of us, and then like a tidal wave, unconditional healing love will sweep over all the rest and they too will see.


Friday is the Inauguration. I am calling for men and women to put down their opinions, their judgments and their fears, and rise up in oneness for this planet. Please please do not step into the mire of all the fighting and sides and assumptions. Please disengage yourself from Group Think…it’s mind control plain and simple.


I am calling for us to stand as leaders in our communities. It takes courage, yes. It takes consistently remembering the high road with the high view. Will you stand for what matters? No, that’s not politics or protests….it’s possibilities, a promising tomorrow, the power of love, and being the purveyor of truth.


Truth being that we all live together here on this amazing planet, and that there is more than enough for everyone. That we are Divine beings with a cascading energetic light as our authentic essence.


We are not those who wrestle around in the mud of differing opinions, as if we need to cling to our possessions, perspectives, and egos.


Step out of the world on this Friday. Step back and step away from the criticisms and lies and infighting. This country needs us to shine bright on this day. Send love, be love…send light, be light…hold the torch of true liberty!!  What do we always say….Liberty and Justice for ALL!


We are here for such a time as this. And it’s to pray. It’s to humble ourselves. It’s to speak up for unity and prosperity and love. When your friend believes differently from you, just love them all the more.


For you see, one day, none of this will matter. From shore to shore there will be enough food for everyone, healing technologies for every disease, no taxes to pay, no debts to owe….all of the issues on the table will be solved, and we can get on with living as we are meant to live.


The sooner we get on with forgiving and loving and seeing those “on the other side of the fence” as part of ourselves, the sooner we can experience peace on earth and goodwill towards all.


Friday is Inauguration day for EVERY one of us. It’s an opportunity for us all to step up and lead, step up and serve, and step up and BE.


These are not just nice words. Encourage yourself to dissolve your ego, let go of judgments and take up your own unique mantle of love.


We are all needed on the front lines of liberation!


And this is just the beginning of our cosmic citizenship. The compassion we embody today will pave the way for eons of peace tomorrow and to come.


It’s the dawn of a new day!


All we need is love.

This Being Human Thing





This is a great poem by Rumi that is so descriptive of life with emotions:


This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
As an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.


This life we lead, being God consciousness projected down here on earth in human form, can be so complex sometimes. We know we are Divine beings having a human experience, and yet we encounter so many human emotions on this journey.  I love this poem because it expresses such a profound and beautiful approach to being with all emotions. They aren’t good, bad, right, wrong…they just are.


And they are meant to pass through us, like phenomena.  They are not meant to be stuffed, hated, ignored or attached to.  They rise, they are experienced, and they pass through—even what we might label as the positive emotions.  We are not to cling to these either, but rather be with them and allow them to move through.  They will be there again.  When we get tight fisted about any emotions is when we can begin to suffer.


When we cling to or stuff emotions, we then store these as stuck energy.  Stuck being the operative word.  Our energy is meant to flow unhindered, and emotions, when they don’t get processed or integrated, can cause illness of mind and body.  It is constricting to hold onto anger and/or guilt for example, and great damage can occur if not released.  We also do not need to attach to the positive emotions such as joy….as if we must harbor it and tuck it away for a rainy day.  Emotions are like water, flowing and cascading and abounding.


They are here for us to feel them, invite them, welcome them, and then when they are ready, they will pass on through.  We don’t need to stop everything all the time to be with them, but we will be best served for allowing them without fear.  The stronger experience we have behooves us to stop and be present, observe, breathe and feel.  Choose to let the light of your awareness shine on what is present.


Emotions are nothing to be afraid of, but for various reasons we have carried around this belief for most of our lives.  The ego is the only one afraid of being present with emotion.  Being with what is and stepping back and witnessing becomes the doorway through to something that feels much lighter and brighter.


We want to be with feelings and sensations without attaching thoughts and perceptions.  Just be with the sensations and feel them in your body.  Welcome them as friends without the need to attach your mental body to why you are feeling this or what this means, etc.  Stay in the present moment with what is.


Here is one approach from Alain Herriott of The Wonder Method:

“Think of something that bothers you and notice what the sensation is like. For many of us it feels like a wall with turbulence. Think of yourself as a leaf.  Let the turbulence blow or move the leaf; let the leaf go wherever it goes.  This action will take you to new territory and a shift. The key to all this is to realize that we are like leaves that are blowing in the wind of resistance.  If we allow ourselves to be blown without resistance we become free.  Anything that presents as a wall is the opportunity to be blown to new territory and be set free.”


Our thinking can so often be the resistance that keeps us feeling trapped and keeps the emotions in our body.  There is a powerful and necessary place for wholistic self-inquiry, and most of us just need to learn to be still and open and let go of the resistance first.  The next time you experience strong emotions or disturbance just stop and invite it in like Rumi says.  Know that it isn’t a part of you and it doesn’t really care to stick around.


When you become comfortable with this process, you will find that these intense emotions end up passing right along.  Don’t attempt to change them or make them go away…this is another form of resistance.  Just welcome, allow and breathe, and perhaps become the leaf as in the above example.


I’ll end with one more quote from Alain:

“You do not change the world, the world is changed by you.  This may sound a bit like double talk but it is so very true.  When we attempt to force change we create a kind of conflict, a deepening of the drama so to speak.  If instead we become present and find the point or state of balance that exists within us, we change our relationship with the issues that we are in conflict with.  This allows change to occur and things simply work.  When we practice this, life becomes a meditation.”


This being human is a glorious experience!  It is to be embraced and appreciated.  Yes, it can feel so difficult at times, and yet it’s these very things that draw us deeper into the transformation of the lower self and propel us into mastery and self-enlightenment.

With you on the journey,












The High Road : Our Charge





It occurred to me this morning that much of the nation and perhaps many of you feel stuck and frustrated and fearful like I did behind that big truck I wrote about in the last blog.


If the candidate you desired won the election, you might feel relief and you also might feel nervous about what is next.


If the candidate you desired lost the race, you might feel angry, scared, and hurt.


This post is for ALL of us today.


Do you remember the Tolle quote from a few days ago?


Accept — then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.This will miraculously transform your whole life.”


Without acceptance we cannot move forward. 


And if we choose to play the victim of “oh this is terrible and it’s happening to me”, we stay stuck and powerless.


When we choose to believe that we are never powerless, we thrive. When we realize that we have all collectively brought our nation to this place, we expand and find solutions. We are responsible for the state of our country, not the corrupt leaders.


It is our attitudes and beliefs, in the seedbed of our hearts, that have shaped America.


Now you might want to justify and say, “But what about the greed and evil agenda of many of our leaders?” Surely I am not responsible for this?!


And I say, “What we choose to think about and feel and put our attention on, always creates our external experience.” For thousands of years humanity has given up her freedom, bit by bit. We have allowed ourselves to shrink, to blindly trust, to fear, and to give up our identities.


Yes, there are leaders with malicious intent, yes! Yes, there are unspeakable horrific things done in the name of power and money. Yes, the system is corrupt beyond measure.


And a powerful person looks to own every bit of their contribution.


This is why this election is so powerful. People on every side are saying, “Enough is enough.”


And it must start with us, in the quiet of our hearts.


If you are holding onto any blame today, please let it go.


If you are holding onto fear, you can drop it.


If you are pissed off and thinking about us vs. them, I urge you to forgive, starting with yourself.


There are no fingers to point anywhere.


We are a resilient and amazing race of human beings! We are so beautiful, so courageous, and so capable.


The political system is not the source of our problems nor the source of our solutions. This race in particular is teaching us that we can no longer rely on anyone in leadership to show us the way, to make the necessary changes, and to unite this nation!


It MUST begin in our hearts. We are being given an opportunity to change the course we have been on. And I mean this with everything in me….it’s imperative we grab up the baton and run, not looking back. Each one of us must run the race for all its worth.


I voted yesterday, not even sure my vote mattered………because I knew I needed to PARTICIPATE, to show up, and to take a stand for a new day.


So, you see, it really doesn’t matter so much who was elected. What matters is how we each stand as the elected of humanity. We are here for such a time as this. And I’m telling you, this is our glorious opportunity to shine like never before and to literally reshape this country and our future.


Yes, we hear words like this with every election….and YET this time is unique. The soul of America is rising up in a way as never before. Something is different.


We need to take all the fuel of this “fight”, all of the energy of the discord going on, and fan the flame of unity consciousness.


Do you think you are mature enough to do this? Are you ready? Can you/will you let go of what divides us and make a conscious choice to see one another through the eyes of Love?


It doesn’t get any bigger than this. This is the high road baby…who will join me?


This is what you need to ask yourself : How can I be the living example of what I want my leaders to embody?


If the future of this nation were up to me, how would I represent health and healing in my own life?


Bitterness isn’t going to get us into a space of victory.


Fear will never take us to the place of freedom, hope, and prosperity we long for.


Taking sides will only perpetuate crisis in our people.


Scarcity mentality serves only to keep us poor.


It’s time to do the serious inner work and examine every attitude and belief we have that might contribute to where we are today.


It’s time to envision what we want out there and start to live it in here, inside our hearts.


We can do this. You might not know how to fix our foreign policy issues or how to legislate for same sex marriage, but you can love yourself and your neighbor. You can choose joy, peace, togetherness. You can vibrate all of the good feelings that we as a nation will experience when we are walking in liberty, abundance, and confidence.


Let’s come together please. Let’s release all the drama and tension of this election process.


Go ahead and feel…by all means feel….and then allow the feelings to just pass through, don’t attach thoughts to them.


This is OUR time, OUR day. Our elected will follow OUR example. We will no longer be the sheeple, but WE WILL BE the leaders of this oh so great nation.


See you on the high road.

With deep love and appreciation,




A New Twist on Acceptance


Yesterday I drove about 1 ½ hours to pick up my son from a music festival east of Austin. It was being held in a forest near a small town. My map took me on a route I had not been on before, and for most of the drive I was on a 2 lane road. It was rainy and windy and the skies were oh so dark even though it was mid afternoon.


It was one of those times for driving safely, as I felt my car hydroplaning a few times on the road. I ended up behind a pretty large commercial truck that was going 35 mph, even though the speed limit was 60. Now I didn’t want to go 60 due to the weather but I would have preferred to go faster than 35. I didn’t know if my son was safe or not as he was outdoors in the weather. I didn’t know if there was lots of lightening where he was. His phone battery was fading and I wanted to get there before it died.


But alas, I was behind this truck. It made no sense to me why this truck would go so slowly. He was up higher off the ground which seemed safer to me. Cars were lined up behind me as we all were “stuck” behind this guy. With each upcoming turn down a new farm to market road I was in hopes he would go straight and I could turn and be set free. LOL. But each time he turned as well.


Soon into this, I knew this was a lesson for me. It just had that feeling, and since I believe there are no accidents and that everything is for a reason, I decided to start letting go and surrendering. I thought that I was doing quite well, but as this went on longer and longer, I started getting ancy. So more surrender, more relaxing into the present moment.


It felt like so much time had gone by, and I was ever ready to go a little bit faster. And yet I knew to trust, knew to relax, knew to just be with what was.


So then we took one more turn and he was still in front of me!  My peace started to fade.  I knew I hadn’t mastered the lesson yet because of how I was feeling….irritated and uptight.  Under different circumstances I think I would have done better with this, but because my son’s phone had now died and I couldn’t communicate with him as to why I was so delayed I knew I was too attached.


Then I remembered something Tolle has said.


Accept — then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.This will miraculously transform your whole life.”


So in that moment I felt a sudden flash of joy as I threw open my heart and said out loud: I accept the speed that this truck is going. I accept the speed as if I had chosen it myself.


Something shifted! I actually got into the feeling as if I had chosen this and I moved into full acceptance from this vantage point.


Guess what happened?


Now before I tell you, let me be clear, I didn’t do this thinking anything was going to change outwardly….I just knew I wanted relief inwardly.


Well the relief came but also something unexpected. Within about 10 seconds of my act of acceptance, it was as if the truck driver floored the gas pedal.  He went so fast in fact that within about a minute he was completely out of sight and I never saw him again!


Wahoo, I was laughing out loud! Boy did the Universe have my attention!


I realize that this truck is a lot like anything we think is in our way or holding us back. There we are feeling stuck and maybe frustrated. Something in our life isn’t going the way we want to or someone isn’t acting how we would like them to. Situations have us feeling trapped, afraid and anxious. Or we feel hurt by a situation or person.


We can’t see beyond this “big honking truck” that is blocking our view and we feel powerless in knowing what to do next.


It’s this resistance to what is that is holding us back. It’s all the shoulds and coulds and what ifs………we feel out of control and we don’t like it so we turn to fear, anger or blame. 


Resistance causes our suffering. 


But Tolle has shown us a way to be powerful. Accept the present moment as if you had chosen it.


For me, this takes acceptance one step further and helps me to gain clarity. The truck might not always move like it did for me or as quickly, but you will be standing in a place of greater abundance and peace so that wisdom can come. Or joy. Or love. Or faith.


We are never alone. And we are always supported by a Benevolent Universe, a Loving Divine Presence.


I would love to hear any experiences you have with this, so feel free to leave a comment!!


Love and gratitude,


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The Wonder of the Moment




I’ve been focused lately on being present to what each moment presents to me. I’m being open to what shows up before me, open to the flow of the day, and ready to present my highest self to what or who is right in front of me.


There is so much wonder in this human experience!


Life is to be lived, moment by moment. Without the need for all these definitions and labels and certainties about this or that or he or she. I am letting go of the things I think I know about why they did this or what this means or where this puts me/us.


None of that matters…these things only serve to limit and constrain.I guess we think we feel safer putting boxes around things, and putting in periods and exclamation marks to things, events and people in our lives. We like to decide that this relationship means this about us or them or that we are finished over here, now wipe our hands clean.


But what if we could just stay open hearted? Open minded? What if we could just be in the flow of Life such that we are ready to present our best self in every moment no matter who or what it is?


Could we just drop all the labels and be loving presence? Could we just set ego aside and allow our magnificent divine self to presence acceptance, kindness, and generosity of spirit to others and to experiences?


We really don’t need to be right about all we have made up. In fact, when we try to be we limit the possibilities the present moment offers to us. We miss amazing gifts right in front of us. And I’m not kidding about this. There are gifts for you in what seem to be ordinary moments. And we miss them when we are in judgement or fear or self-preservation.


Isn’t it time to let go of all that stands in your way? You don’t need to know how, just intend to let go. When you notice you are making stuff up in your head about this or that or the past or someone….take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, and let go.


There are no mistakes.


The Spirit of Life is for you. The Universe is a Benevolent place. You can free fall with all of your fears and all of your dreams. You don’t need to fight so hard, in fact, better to not fight at all. Allow. Release. Trust.


And Be. Be with what is in front of you. Be with who is in front of you.


Be the gift they need. And receive the gift they are.


And revel in the wonder around you.

Grateful for you,





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