Will You Be Fueled for the Light?


Hey Friends,


Please listen to this voice recording today.  I just recorded this, right on the heels of an experience I had reading a story about Dr. Justine Damond.  This is very important for today’s times and issues.  I felt very inspired to record this.


We are at such a pivotal time in our human experience, and how we choose every day is so important to the future we are creating.


Click here to listen:   https://soundcloud.com/user-272730229/fuel-the-light


Also here is the article I was reading:


Holistic Healer/Dr. Justine Damond killed by police in Minneapolis


I would LOVE your comments and/or questions!


We ARE always being the change we wish to see.


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The Morning Vox : Celebration of Life




Hi Friends,


Today’s Vox is a commentary on a spiritual exercise that I encourage us all to play with.  Every time I watch a Grand Slam tennis final I am inspired…so many messages inherent in this wonderful game.


I hope you will listen to this short message and try out the exercise on body posture.  Engage this with awareness and presence and I think you will be really surprised at how powerful it can be for you.  And listen…listen to your heart. Listen to what comes up for you.  Make it a moment of connection with All That Is.


Allow these two simple practices to be gateways to something new.


Click here for the video:  http://tinyurl.com/yczck7fb


Let me know how it goes for you!!






The Bounty of New Views




There is incredible value and bounty when we are willing to see a situation from different points of view.


Like really see it, with openness and an acceptance of it’s validity.


This takes getting off the ego perspective and embracing something much more sacred.


This spiritual practice is a healthy component to fostering relationships of vitality as well as integrating our experiences in life.


Hope you enjoy today’s message!


Click on this link:  https://soundcloud.com/user-272730229/the-bounty-of-new-views


With Love,




The Field is My Servant



Join me for a short video about the energy field that we are and that we live in.


We are imprinting every moment on this beautiful field…what do we choose to imprint?


I intentionally made this video short so please let me know if you have any questions!


Click here to access the video:



Much love to each of you–hope you are enjoying summer and your spiritual practice.



Cultivating Joy Consciousness : You Choose!




Some ruminations on what we tend to identify with on autopilot and how to shift this to identifying with high vibrational creations!


We are not stuck and helpless…we are powerful. We get to choose what we focus on. Here is a simple perspective on choosing Life all throughout your day!


I will do a video soon…these short podcasts are fun to do and simple, so I choose them often.  🙂


Click here to access the podcast:




I love hearing from you, so keep em coming.  I so enjoy hearing how these simple practices are inspiring you and shifting things for you. And do let me know any of your questions!


With Love,




Why Are You Hiding Your Glory?




“Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world. Don’t let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through this form. Risk being seen in all of your glory.”  Jim Carey


A friend sent me this quote the other day, and it so spoke to me.


I am a diligent observer of this world and of myself and how I relate to this world.  By this world, I mainly mean humanity and the way humans go about living together with one another.


Why the f do “we” all have such a complex about how we look and how we want to be perceived by others?


I can go into all of the reasons why this is so, but that’s not what this blog is about.  I asked the question to get you to open up to the remedies of this oh so imprisoning way of living.


Caring what others think about us…hmmm….as if what they think could possibly make a difference in our lives.  As if what they think matters.  As if what they think is even real.  And as if we could ever really know what they think.


Oh my we are foolish creatures aren’t we?  No, actually we are not….we are only allowing our egoic nature to act out on its foolish interpretations.  We, at our core….are glorious beyond measure.  We are magnificent and beautiful and absolutely full of astonishing light.


We have listened for too long to the voice of the personality structure, to the voice of the media slave system, and to the voice of the collective shame culture.  These “sources” are complete lies.  Heresy actually.  They bind and enslave and capture and taunt.  They are smoke and mirrors….and we have allowed them to be real.


I’m telling you, what another person thinks of you….or what you make up they think of you, is a complete illusion, and it matters nothing.  It’s weightless…in fact it doesn’t even exist.


What matters are the issues of the heart.  The impact of love and kindness and compassion.  This is all that is real and all that will ever matter.  Period.  No argument.  Done.


So if you are worried about what someone is going to think about your big nose (this is what i used to think), then just remember that we are all one, and if you accept yourself, then you need not anything or anyone out there to accept you.


Accept yourself.  Be acceptance.  Be self-kindness.  Embrace you.  Because, in fact, you are still only embracing these temporal things about yourself.  These will all pass away…these body things or personality things.  They are simply a part of your temporary human self.  And they are with you for you to learn to be the source of your own acceptance and power and potency.


Why on earth do we want to fit in?  Think about it.  Isn’t it our diversity that makes us so remarkable.  Would you want to go to a buffet table that only served broccoli?  Every platter on the entire table just broccoli.  That would get boring so fast.  No different colors, no variety of flavors, no expanse of aromas.  Boring, blech, blah.


Now we don’t have to go out and do crazy things to stand out either…isn’t this just another way of trying to be accepted?  I’m going to dye my hair green and put all these tats on my body.  I’m going to dress to the 9th and wear my Prada shoes and carry my Gucci handbag.  I’m going to pierce all my body.  I’m going to spend all this money on makeup and doll myself up every time I go out the door.  I’m going to stop shaving completely and go au naturel.


Now, none of these things are wrong at all!  If it floats your boat then go for it.  My point is that these things we sometimes do to say f the system, or f what you think about me I’m going to show you my uniqueness……well sometimes these are just another attempt on the other side of the coin to find acceptance.


You are the only person that can ever fill up the acceptance tank.  Do what you like, wear what you want, do whatever you want to your hair.  You don’t need to fit in and you don’t need to stand out.  Just be yourself, and accept that.


Self-acceptance is in some ways, a misnomer.  We can never be separate from ourself, from God, from others.  We are truly One.  So the idea of rejection is a duality earth based conversation.  And yet still, because we are here now, it is important to be in the spiritual practice of self-love, self-like and self-acceptance.


For me, at the core of all of this, it’s knowing who I Am.  It’s knowing I am a divine glorious majestic being having a temporary human experience.  This is number one and it’s the most important daily remembrance and understanding.  And number two, it’s loving and accepting my human self, this fantastic body, and all that I am.  Full acceptance.  Nothing an exception.  Being the embrace of myself that I might want to search for out there.


And one more thing….I love being in relationship with others, and I love giving and receiving unconditional love.  It’s powerful, it’s fun, it’s divine.  There is so much loveliness in receiving acceptance and kindness from others.  And it’s not what I rise and fall on.  And the more I unconditionally accept myself the more I seem to find it in the world. Hmmm.


Just be.  There’s nothing to do, nowhere to get to, no one to be.  This is enough.  You are enough.  Be your gift.


So much love,




The Morning Vox : Becoming Your Own Liberator



Good morning Lovely Peeps~


I hope this message serves your life of freedom and joy today!  We are such powerful beings…today is a reminder for you of the power you hold to liberate all that holds you back.  Be Sovereign over your own life, your own heart.  It’s not difficult, it just requires remembrance and practice.


Our hearts are the center of liberation….mission control of our path.  Today I share a simple heart practice that if chosen and committed to, will be a gateway to abundance, peace and joy for you.


Would love to hear from you!  Please share your thoughts and feedback and let me know what questions you might have.


Click this link to hear the short podcast:



Big Love to All~


The Morning Vox : What to do in the Bumper Cars



Hi Everyone!


I just recorded a short podcast and posted on Sound Cloud.  Hope you enjoy it and I hope it is relevant for you all.


Is anyone out there experiencing more frustration lately? Are you feeling sometimes like you are bumping around on planet earth?


Here is some simple wisdom for staying grounded and at peace during these oh so bumpy days.




As always, I love your feedback and comments!


Much love…stay in the Light!




The Morning Vox : The Immensity of Unconditional Acceptance



Is it possible to live in unconditional acceptance of every experience we have?


Why is this important for us to practice?


What immense benefits are there to discover when we choose this form of unconditional love?


Come listen as I describe a delicious space of living that brings us to the experience of unconditional love for self. This comes in a way that most of us have not equated yet with this. It’s profound and powerful and opens up so much provision for us!


Click here for video:



As always, I invite your feedback, comments, and the sharing of your own experiences.


In deep love and gratitude,

julie  xoxo



The Morning Vox : Being a Conscious Thinker from the Heart Space



Hey Friends,


This was so enjoyable for me to communicate to you yesterday afternoon!  I did another short podcast on Soundcloud, hope you enjoy it.


We have a magnificent realm called the Heart Space.  This can be the center of our lives if we choose it.  Our thinking and creating is so much more fun and productive when we think from the heart space and not without it.  Take a listen and you’ll see what I mean.


As everything I share on…it’s simple and profound!


Go here to listen:     http://tinyurl.com/kpjwd4e




I value your comments and questions!

In deep appreciation,




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