Blast From the Past





As I sit down to write this morning, the message ringing loud and clear for you is about fresh hope from the past.  The past you say?




I have this sense that in the coming months, you are going to see a reigniting of one or more relationships from “the past.”


Relationships that perhaps you thought were a “thing of the past”, as in gone gone gone.  Or perhaps relationships that are still present in some form but are so different from before that they feel “gone”.


People are going to surface in your life, or should I say re-surface, and they are going to bring fresh vision and life to you.


Now before I say another word, it would behoove you to commit right now that will not decide ahead of time who this person is. Don’t pigeon hole the Universe in how it is to provide for you.  That seldom works out.  And it really spoils the fun.  🙂


So even as you read these words feel your heart opening and breathing and receiving the possibility of a renewed relationship.  Pull your shoulders back, lift your head up and drink in the fresh air of love rekindled.  Of partnership reconfigured.  Of friendship reestablished.


Now….I’m talking NEW.  Not old, not stale, not boring, not tense, not confusing….NEW NEW NEW NEW.


You don’t need to go looking for this person.  You don’t need to sit on your hands waiting.  You don’t need to go through your contacts wondering.


Just be in the stream of life, doing your thing, and trusting the Divine that all Benevolent gifts are yours.


Be open to form.


Be open to the form that these gifts will arrive in.  You might just be surprised.  Judge not.  Control not.  Be open.


For you see, Love is winning out.  Light is healing all wounds and grievances.  What you thought was impossible……isn’t.


Until next week, enjoy the people in your life, love yourself more every day, and be kind to all.






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