Beyond the Fences





My vacation was postponed until next week, so I’ll see ya back in two weeks!


Today I have a very simple message….one that is ringing through me right in this moment.




That’s it, just openness.


Now take some deep breaths and let that word flow in and through you for a minute.


It’s time for a new day.  It’s always time for a new day.  You know how it is when you clean out your closet and then go buy some new clothes?  You just want something new, perhaps a new look, or new colors, or new expressions.


Well, it’s time to allow an openness to the new in our lives…..because NEW is knocking on our door.


Who are you?  What do you like?  Who are your friends?  How about some new answers to these questions?  How about letting go of what you think you know so that you can know more than you’ve ever known?



How about letting go of old self-identity and just being whoever you damn well want to be…….like right now?


How about letting go of your perceptions of the people in your life and letting them be whoever they damn well want to be?


Why do we hold ourselves and others to an expectation of how they should show up… they should show up for us or this world?  Why do we let it matter so much?


One reason is fear.  We have this illusion that definitions and fences make us more secure, and so we box ourselves and others in.  We think we “need” what is familiar and what is routine to insure safe passage through life, when actually there is no such thing.


It’s not meant to be safe, it’s meant to be joyful and free, alive and effervescent.  And what is safe anyway?


I’m learning that the greatest place to be is in openness and allowing.  In letting go of mindsets that constrict me.  In believing that there is so much more out there, out beyond the fences…there are colors I’ve never seen, joy I’ve yet to taste, and freedom in finding out who I want to be today.


One of my intentions is that my awareness will increase more and more so that I can see what before I couldn’t see……so that I can see perceptions that I want to let go of and thought patterns that are sustaining the boxes and constraints in my life.


Really all it takes is a willingness to go beyond illusion…..a desire to be pulled out into the lovely and vibrant unknown, the place where love and acceptance reign and where we get to play abundantly in our experiences and allow others the same opportunity.


We know so little really.  And yet we base so many “assignments of meaning” to this or that, to him or her…..and all the while we are adding plank after plank to the fence.








It’s a wonderful place to just let things be.


Have a passionate week!




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