Ask Your Fan Club First




Guidance is a beautiful thing.


Have you ever been lost and not sure where to go or what to do next and then someone comes along and gives you the directions you need to find your way?  There’s a feeling of relief and peace and assurance that comes with this.


Or have you ever felt confused over a situation, trying to make sense of it, when the clarity that you are looking for comes, either from another person or from within?

Ah, more relief!


Guidance and clarity are powerful gifts.


And I’m here to tell you today that you can have more guidance and clarity than you are used to, and you can have them without so much effort and striving and thinking.


I’m learning to ask first, to ask right away.


I like to think of myself as having this whole “entourage” of guidance within my life space, so to speak.  Always present, right here with me.  My own personal fan club.


This includes my own Higher Self, the Divine me.  This includes all sorts of angels that I call by name and those I don’t know.  This includes Jesus, people who have gone before me, Beings of Light, the great Divine All That Is, and anyone else there to assist me.


I’m learning to say, “Hey entourage, hey all you amazing beings, I need some wisdom.”  Or “I need your support or your answers.  Please help me know what to do, how to approach this situation, how to process this situation.  Please show me the way.”


The other day I very quickly had a stopped up kitchen sink and water running all over the floor from my washing machine.  Like boom, here’s all this water.




Immediately, without a panic, I just said, “Entourage, please help!  Show me what I need to do and while you’re at it please show me why I summoned this experience to myself today.”


I was supposed to leave town early the next morning and it was already late afternoon, and I sure was wondering why I decided to create this situation for myself.  You see, I believe we create all our experiences…we are not the victim of anything.  That’s another blog for another day.  🙂


I quickly had the wisdom to know what to do step by step, and I was able to choose peace and assurance.  I surrendered what I had planned for the rest of the day, because I had a lot to do to get out of town, and I even surrendered my plans to go out of town.  I just wanted to hold it all loosely so I wouldn’t be stressed about it.


And Voila—by 9:00 pm that night everything on my list was done, the pipes were fixed by Roto Rooter, and I was able to take a hot bath, relax, and enjoy the excitement of thinking about my weekend trip.


Guidance, clarity, relief.


This entourage is here FOR YOU.  I know it.  I talk with them all day long.  The past few days have been full of healing, processing and integrating from some relationships in my life.  It’s been so good.  And my guidance team has been there all the way.


Can I tell you how grateful I am for them?  “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” are also good words to say to your team.  Let them know how incredibly thankful you are.


In the moments when my mind is too active and I’m “trying to figure something out”, I go straight to inner guidance.  “Show me what I need to know about this please.”  “Help me to know what to do with these emotions and memories.”  And then I just let it rest.  Sometimes I take time right then to consciously listen and sometimes I just shift gears and move on to other things, trusting that my entourage is taking care of it for me.


We don’t need to think so much or so hard.  It’s diffuses our precious creative energies.


Just ask first and then you’ll find that the inspiration and clarity will come.  Sometimes it comes right away and sometimes it takes awhile….all the while you can rest in KNOWING that what you need will be there.


We are moving more and more and more to a heart centered way of living…and away from our thinking minds.  Or to put it this way, our minds are here to serve our hearts and not the other way around.


Ask for guidance.  Ask often.  You can’t over ask.  And have fun with it.


There is so much relief available for you.  This is not supposed to be hard or difficult.


And the best part of all…..your entourage just adores you.  You’re in good hands!


This week, see yourself in the truth of who you are.






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