Are You Serious?



So why do we take anything too seriously?


I’m beginning to think that we complicate things when we take them seriously.  That we actually create more evidence for being serious when we think things are so important.  That because we give things the energy of seriousness, we then find more to worry about, stew about and blame for “going wrong.”


Oh my, when I think of how seriously I used to take myself!  I was constantly evaluating my performance and comparing myself to standards I believed were what I should live up to.  And because of how I was relating to myself, rather than actually showing up in life as the person I wanted to be, I shortchanged myself of my potential.  I was done before I ever began.  I’d failed before getting off the starting blocks.


As I learned to lighten up about myself, as I started saying “no” to being hard on myself, as I decided that I simply would not be anything but kind and gracious to myself, I discovered a new found energy to actually be the person I was longing to be.  I had been giving so much energy to the past and to memorized patterns, that I had actually blocked the inherent goodness and purity within myself.


It all started about 20 years ago when I decided to believe in Grace.


I decided to believe that Grace was the provision for me to be free.  That Grace wasn’t something that was “enough”, Grace was everything about everything.  Grace is all there is.  Grace doesn’t make up the gap or help us when we are messing up….Grace is the healing, Grace is our well-being.


Grace allows us to not take anything too seriously.


Or better said, Grace allows us to live in delicious freedom and ease.


It’s time to stop rowing upstream.  When we take ourselves, others or situations too seriously, it’s like trying to paddle upstream in a fastly moving current.  Just doesn’t work does it?  Nor is it any fun!


Can we trust the stream of life?  Can we trust, that when we lighten up, that the provision we need for living abundantly, and for being the people we want to be and having the relationships we long for, will swoop in and overtake us with Goodness, Wisdom and Peace?


I got caught in a huge downpour today walking in my neighborhood.  It poured and poured down on my head.  For about 20 minutes I walked in the hard rain, and I loved it.  As I was heading around the corner to my home, I was going down a hill and already the water was rushing down the side of the street.  I watched how swift the stream was.


The visual reminded me to let go.  To release, to allow.  One of my sons is going through something and I realized I have held it with more seriousness than I want to.  So I was jumping into the current today and releasing my hold.  I was thinking about how little help I am to him when I hold the situation this way.  Yes, share my wisdom, yes, give my support, and yet, let it go, be happy, and trust the Universe.


Trust the natural rhythm and flow of life.


Here is a quote I read today that I wanted to share:


“So why take anything so serious? Why let so much seem to be important? For if you are going to let anything become important, if you’re going to accept anything to be important, why don’t we consider one thing to be important; which is, how much can I love and not judge? How many dear ones can I affect and assist with such great open-heartness to light up all around me? How many beautiful dear ones can I just simply enjoy just because I know who they are…as well as all that they have available to them.”
William Linville


This week, as you participate in observing your life, and as you participate in relationships with others, notice when you are being too serious.  Notice when you are in a state other than Grace.  Notice when you are comparing, judging, trying too hard.


And then just release.  Just let go.  Just decide that that energy is not going to add anything to your life.

Take your hands off the oars, remember to trust, and rest in the fun and ease of Divine Grace.


Life is supposed to be fun.  You are supposed to feel Good.


Sow well this week.  Sow in lightness.  Sow in appreciation.  Sow in love.  Sow in gladness.


With love,




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