Are You My Lover?



Do you remember the wonderful old Dr. Seuss book, Are You My Mother?, about the little birdie that was asking everything under the sun if it was it’s mother?  The bird was on a quest for Mom, and on the way he thought that perhaps she was a dog, a bulldozer, a big chicken, and even an old car.


I thought perhaps this week we could talk about our own quest to experience love.  Have you ever found yourself complaining about something or someone and then you came to find out that there was a gift for you in the situation or relationship?


Or perhaps it was much later that you realized your complaint actually masked the gift of love that was present for you?


I’m starting to believe more and more that God has unlimited love for us throughout our daily lives….it’s just that the packages the love comes in aren’t always what we are looking for or what we are used to.


In the Dr. Seuss book, the little bird didn’t know what his mother looked like, so in his innocence he was looking for her everywhere.  Think about that for a moment.  In his INNOCENCE he was LOOKING for her EVERYWHERE.


I think most often it’s my “knowledge” or “experience” that gets in the way of me being innocent enough to really see what is right in front of me.  It’s when I think I know about a certain person or a certain circumstance or even life in general that I become so “knowledgeable”, so “mature”, that I fail to experience the love around me.


When I think to myself, “Oh I already know about that” or when I choose to judge a situation or a person, my vision automatically narrows, like a horse with blinders on.  Imagine if all this love and goodness is showing up for you but because you have forfeited your innocence in lieu of self-protection, being right, or being in control, you are unable to see, hear, and receive these “lovers”.


Sometimes I get so focused on my tasks that I know I miss the beauty around me.  In my neighborhood where I walk there are a lot of roses.  I make a point to literally stop and smell them.  I don’t want to be the person that is too busy or too focused on “getting stuff done” or “getting the walk done” to stop and greet the lover on my path.  I’m sure I miss enough beauty as it is.


I wonder too if sometimes we want our lovers to look just right for us.  If they don’t show up on our schedule or if they don’t look like us or smell like us or think like us we discard them, we look over them, and we pass them by.


Have you ever thought about how we tend to define circumstances and relationships?  We like to put borders around our perspectives and our people.    “This is my best friend.”  “They are hard headed and don’t understand me.”  “My parents just can’t ever hear me.”  “This group is the smartest we’ve ever had.”


The problem with these definitions is that we can get stuck with them.  We fortify them.  We look for evidence to enhance our perspectives, frames and judgments.  So that when something outside the box of our definitions shows up, our radar can’t pick it up.  Lovers show up for us, to gift us, but we can’t see them because we are sitting in the limitation of how we’ve created life to be.


Lovers might even knock on our door, send us an email, blow softly across our cheeks, be on our dinner plate….and we simply miss them.


This week, release the definitions.  Choose INNOCENCE and openness.  Be ready to embrace, arms wide open.  Approach life, even tough circumstances, like the little bird and with the question: ARE YOU MY LOVER?


I believe when the Universe sees us acknowledge the “least of these” and sees us receive the many and varied lovers….it knows it can bestow all measure of great and abundant goodness upon us because we will be ready.  We will be humble.  We will be innocent enough to walk in supreme gratitude.  And we will be powerful enough to spread the wealth far and wide.


I’ll start the process….I love YOU!




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