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I’ve been thinking lately about my thoughts and feelings and wondering what exactly they do create.  You all know the verse in Proverbs 23:7 that says, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.”


A year ago I saw an amazing video of a woman being healed of a tumor in three minutes. I have included the link at the end of this post.  She was healed because three men stood over here and chanted, “Already done” over and over.  They say she was healed because the men were feeling the feelings of her having already been healed, and her body responded to those feelings.


Now if that sounds far-fetched to you, please watch the video and allow your horizons to be expanded.  It’s very powerful.


Most of us, I believe, want to be powerful.  Not in the egoic way, but in the God-given way.  We have these desires and fires that burn within us that we long to release and express.  We know we are more than we allow ourselves to be.  We know that with the right perspective we can change so many things.


I am tired of not seeing enough healings, tired of the stories on the news, tired of going about my city and seeing unhealthy people and overcrowded hospitals.


Jesus, one of the greatest role models of all time….well, the greatest role model in my opinion, said that we would do greater things than he did if we believed.  Believed in what exactly?


Ummm…..perhaps we should ask the men that chanted over the sick woman.


I am learning more and more that my thoughts and feelings really do create the future.  What I think and feel is sowing into the very next moment of my existence.


The reason these Chinese men in the video saw such a quick healing is because they believed.  They believed in the power to alter outcomes with feeling and thinking.


That simple.


Truly, that simple.


We have learned to make things so complicated.  Confucius once said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”


What if in 2013 we get back to simple?


So when you need a healing, you simply believe it’s “already done”.


When you need a new job you choose to think and feel as if it’s “already done”.


When you want to be more courageous, you spend time meditating on how you  look, feel and think as this new courageous person.


When your child is dealing with an issue, rather than focus on the fear of “what if”, you choose to resolutely respond with “already done”.  Already free.  Already healed.


This is our inheritance.  This way of thinking and feeling is our creative birthright.  Anything other is simply what we have been trained into believing.  And how’s it working out for us?


I believe we have entered a Golden Age.  No matter what I see around me, I am choosing to think and feel that we, as a people, are in the flow of well-being and a new day of peace and abundance for all.  Yes, I choose to participate currently in such a way as to remedy the ills, and yet I will not waver in believing for a brand new day.


What are you believing for?


What do you want to declare, “Already done” over?


Remind yourself each day that you are that powerful.  And practice it until you and I see and experience the “greater things” that Jesus was telling us about.


This is a tremendously exciting time to be alive.  We cannot afford complacency as a people.  It’s time to rise up and BE the people that will usher in goodness and peace on earth.


I pray we all will be called up in our thinking and feeling.  That we will allow the Spirit of God to assist us in leaving behind fear, judgment, and useless complaining.


YOU are one heck of a person!  You are an unlimited being in the spirit realm.  From this place you will see miracle after miracle……if you will just believe.


Here is the link to the video:  Healing


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