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Hey There!

Just wanted to share a little more about myself.  I live in Austin, Texas with my two sons and our remarkable dog Liberty.  We are a close family…..even Liberty, the birds and the squirrels are just “around”, taking in the action or the quiet.  I love our house, and I enjoy creating a peaceful space for my family to live in.



My name means “Youthful Spirit” and I am so thankful for that mark upon my life.


I love this human experience, and I love doing fun, silly things to make life more enjoyable.  I have been too intense in periods of my life as well.  I dealt with an eating disorder at the age of 18 and I feel like I “lost myself” for a few years.


I have experienced many difficulties in my life as well as so many beautiful and glorious things!! What I write about and what I express come from all the years of healing, walking with others, learning, unlearning, exploring, laughing, crying, and dreaming.


I am ready to teach more and to impart to others what I am learning, experiencing, and finding.  I love Divinity, and I believe God is the Source of everything good in this world.  My spiritual journey has been and continues to be so fulfilling, and boy has it changed and developed over the course of my life.  I love where I am at…I am so grateful for the things I am discovering about the Spirit of life, Love, Mystery, and Being Easy in the flow of my life.


Currently, along with writing and teaching, I am a Spiritual Healing Guide, Coach, and Transformational Trainer.  There is really nothing “out there” to work on…it’s all a reflection of our thoughts and feelings and perspectives.  So the essential mission is to heal ourselves–to love ourselves–and to adjust and re-adjust over and over on our ever-evolving pathway.  The key is having a beginner’s mind and being open to releasing your beliefs.


This is how we are changing the world and ushering in Universal Peace!


These are the most exciting days to be alive!


I am most grateful to get to be with you.  Thanks for coming!


Standing with you for robust living,                             signature2  





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