A Wholly Christmas



I’m searching for new revelation this Christmas season.


As I am out shopping, wrapping presents, hearing the ringing of the Salvation Army bell as I enter Walgreens, and enjoying the beauty of my Christmas tree…….I am opening my mind and heart to something new.


I am 45, and I have participated in a lot of Christmases!  I love this holiday.  I enjoy the music, the spirit, the decorations, the warmth of being with people I love, and the joy of giving to my sons and others.


AND…..I am asking God for new revelation.  What am I looking for?  I don’t know exactly, and I do know I have this sense there is much newness here for me, for you.  There is a wholly Christmas I am up for embracing.


What is a wholly Christmas you ask?  And why does this matter?


Wholly.  Entirely.  Completely. To the full extent.


It has to do with presencing Love everywhere I go.  With allowing everything “Christmasy” I see and experience to remind me that the “whole” of life is about Love.


I want my Christmas “entirely and completely” to be a reminder that I am loved, that I am love, that I am complete in love, and that this love is what saves us all.  This love saves us from our fear based thinking and from our egos that steer us off course.


This new that I am up for is very practical.  For example, my 13 yr old just asked me to come see something he was creating in the bath.  (he takes baths in his boxer shorts by the way! )  Can I tell you how many times already I have been interrupted while writing this blog?


So…Love for me, right now, as I bask in the glow of my tree lights, is to go and see and be—with my beloved son.  To presence love with him in the bathroom and experience the joy of his invention and lay aside my task of writing.  To BE the Christmas spirit right here right now.


It’s very practical in other ways too.  When I am out shopping and it’s crowded and I can barely get my cart down the Bed Bath and Beyond Aisle because the woman in front of me is going verrryyy slowly, unaware I am behind her……I will remember the gaze of the shepherds on the baby in the manger…..the adoration and awe of Love that night in Bethlehem.  And I will choose to gaze with wonder and adoration at this beautiful soul in front of me.  I will choose to be present with the same Love that forgives me everyday.  I will love the one in front of me because that is Wholly Christmas.


I am excited for this Christmas season.  Excited for each opportunity to remember that I AM WHOLE.  That Love has completed me.  That I don’t have a HOLE in me needing to be patched up with material goods or one special person or Christmas fudge…..


That I can give myself WHOLLY to Christmas love.  I can appreciate my neighbor, be kind as I drive around in Christmas traffic, and look for moments to bestow graciousness and generosity with those I see at parties, work, the gym and home.


I just realized something…..I am not looking for revelation anymore.  I got it!  As I wrote this it came!


Thank you friends for letting me explore this with you.  I hope it speaks to you and encourages you in your own NEWNESS this holiday season.


I hope you will find Christmas love waiting for you around every corner and I hope you will experience the joy and peace in BEING  love in brand new ways.


I’ll end with this quote from one of my favorites, Marianne Williamson:


“In asking for miracles, we are seeking a practical goal: a return to inner peace.  We’re not asking for something outside us to change, but for something inside us to change.  We’re looking for a softer orientation to life.”



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