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So there I was, having a chair massage recently at Whole Foods.  I’ve had this area on my neck that has been sore and tight for quite awhile.  I’ve been working it from different angles….physical, mental and emotions….ready to be relieved of the discomfort.


As I was sitting there, face down in the chair, I asked the Spirit to give me new insight into what could be contributing to the pain.  I heard Him say to just be still and receive the massage.  Like really receive the touch, the movement, the care.  So what if it was a stranger touching me? Could I not receive the touch as grace, as love, as tenderness, just as I would from someone I know intimately?


So I did.  For the next 15 minutes I received.  I welcomed the goodness into my being.  I allowed myself to be lavished upon and given to.  What was new was the way I received.  I gained a whole new perspective into the practice and art of receiving.  I say practice because it requires a consciousness from us, a deliberate choosing to savor the juiciness that life is bringing our way.


I feel like this conversation about receiving has been key to the health of the muscles and such in my neck.  I’ll tell you a bit more and I want you to consider your own life and how this might apply.


Like if you had asked me before I heard the Spirit if I received well I would certainly have said yes.  And I still believe that’s true.  AND, I’m learning now about a more prolific way to receive.


And it’s like the coolest thing!!!  🙂


I’m learning to open my body and spirit to intentionally allowing goodness to penetrate all the way to my cells.  Think about when we eat.  We can shove the food in or we can eat slowly, choosing to smell the food, see the food, taste the food and enjoy the food.  We can even choose to receive the nutritional benefit of each bite.


Here are some examples of how I am savoring Universal generosity.


1. Someone emails me and says “I love you, let me know if I can do anything for you.”  I take about 30-45 seconds to consciously open myself up and let that sink in. I feel gratitude for this person’s love, care and support.  I inhale deeply and let it penetrate ALL of me, just relishing in allowing and feeling such kindness.  I read the words over and over and believe them as true and as golden.


2. A stranger smiles at me.  I repeat the above, receiving strength and comfort into my being.  I affirm to myself that I am a valuable and worthy woman and that God’s favor rains on me.


3. The sun shines on me.  I take a minute to soak in it, to receive it’s power and substance, it’s light and it’s energy.  I open up and let the gifts of nature nourish me all over the inside and out.


These simple practices take only a minute and they are incredibly robust and hearty for my soul.  I’ve been amazed at what this practice has added to my life.  It’s so simple yet so profound.


I’m in the ICU as I write this.  My dad had pancreatic surgery yesterday, so I’m on Day 2 in the hospital.  I’ve been receiving.  Receiving my dad’s smile as he wanes in and out of groggy morphine sleep.  He’s still trying to care for me even though I’m here to care for him.  I receive his love, his warmth.


I’m receiving the goodness and support from his amazing nurses.  I’m allowing myself to be supported by all my friends and family.  I’m receiving strength from God through deep breathing.  I’m uplifted even in the “unsureness” of Dad’s future.


There is something that brings tears to my eyes right this moment as I look around at the others here in the hospital.  Don’t we all really want to receive?  Don’t we all want love, care and compassion?  As fellow sojourners on this planet, there is infinite giving and receiving available.  I’m wondering if so much of our sickness and pain has to do with our resistance to receiving?


I’m wondering if we all were artists of receiving perhaps there wouldn’t even be sickness.  Ummm.  If the Universe is showering love, acceptance, peace, forgiveness, joy, grace, compassion and provision upon us 24/7, and if we all practiced receiving this, maybe there would be so much thriving on the planet darkness just could not stay.  Ummm.


There is a young man in the waiting room in a wheelchair.  He cannot use his arms.  A woman is feeding him at the moment.  He is smiling and oh so happy.  He seems so glad to be alive.  And just imagine how much receiving he has participated in in his lifetime if so many moments of the day someone is giving to him.  Just imagine.  Ummm.


I love you.  I do.


Thank you for giving to me by sharing in this blog.  By being you and connecting with me.  Thank you.


For life,




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