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Don’t you just love a good laugh?  Don’t you just love a good laugh in those moments when you really are supposed to be quiet?  When you are laughing so hard you think you just might snort, and you are working so hard to chill out so you don’t make a scene?  Oh my those are good times!


My sister Jill and I are really good at what I will call “A Healthy Dose of Irreverence.”


We are known for creating moments of comedy or slight disruption at all the “wrong” times.  Usually they are the “wrong” times as dictated by our cultural norms…and well, we just aren’t so keen on always abiding by those.


We sort of have this unspoken union that believes that life is too short to be serious.  That rules can and do serve their purpose, yes, and they are meant to be messed with a little bit too.  Especially during those times when the following of them is constricting life and their original purpose has been lost.


Our mother has just come to expect these batches of irreverence.  And now we have passed down the mantle to our teenage sons…..oh heavens to Betsy!  Our mom handles the comedic outbursts so very well, and definitely there are those times she “briefs” us as to the seriousness of a particular moment, just in case we fail to successfully live as the mature 40 something’s that we are.


Now don’t get me wrong.  I am all about reverence and respect.  Giving care to others with my actions and attitudes….being gracious to foster an environment that will serve and support them where they are at.  Being a good citizen and building a reputation of compassion and service.  This is the way of love.


Today I want to suggest another way of love.  The healthy dose of irreverence way.  The “gosh I just want to laugh” way of love.  The “oh my gosh we are all too serious” way of love.  The “not living to please others” way of love.  Could these be opportunities to give love too?


Today I simply want to  encourage you to step outside the lines a little bit more than you did last week.  Just look around.  Get up on that mountain and really look around you.


Where might you be taking yourself or others too seriously?  Where might you be acting a certain way just to “fit in”?  Or in order to have others think you are worthy…when you know damn well you already are.


I’m looking at this myself.  It’s really easy for me to throw a peanut across the room at someone in a meeting….it’s not so easy for me to start dancing down the sidewalk if I feel like it.  There are places I really don’t care about acceptance and other places I still care way too much.   It’s such a fascinating conversation to me.


My 13 yr old son challenges me all the time.  He definitely is still learning some basic discretion…he gets way out of those lines I mentioned sometimes.  🙂  And what I love is that he is really free.  Free to be wild and crazy.  Free to be a total weirdo in the grocery store if he wants to without needing to fit in to the mold of “normal”.  It’s very refreshing.


This week give yourself permission to play in new ways.  Give yourself permission to let go and risk a bit more than usual.  If you overstep you can always go back and work it out.  Life is meant to be fun.  I’m convinced of it.  Imagine a world where we all play hard, where we all get a little crazy…..where we all practice a healthy dose of irreverence every now and then.


Sounds inviting.  Sounds creative.  Sounds colorful.  Sounds a lot less stressful.  Sounds a lot more liberating.


What will you create this week?


By all means enjoy yourself!!


Kicking up my heels,







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