30,000 Feet in the Air




My boys and I were flying home from Florida the other day on Southwest airlines.


We like to sit near the back, and so we got our seats and were getting settled in when I saw a beautiful woman walking down the aisle towards me.  She was crying and visibly upset.


I next overheard her tell the flight attendants, as she got some Kleenex from them, that she felt sorry for anyone sitting next to her because she was such a nervous wreck.  Well guess who ended up next to her?


I like the aisle seat, so this lovely soul ended up in the seat right across the aisle from me.  I knew I was on a mission at that moment.  Do you know those moments?  When you become aware that you are called to be Light for someone specifically?


There was something about her spirit too that was so open and vulnerable.  I could tell she was embarrassed and at the same time she was open to provision, if that makes any sense.


I reached across the aisle and touched her arm and told her I would be praying for her.  I told her that I knew what fear and anxiety was like and that I was praying for this flight to be her “breakthrough” flight.  She shared how she had had one bad experience and that ever since she couldn’t shake this fear of flying.


I heard her tell the man next to her that she was afraid and that she hoped her nervousness wasn’t a problem for him or his little daughter that he was sitting with.


There was something about the way she told those around her, including myself, about her fear, that was precious, childlike, and attractive.


I’m one of those people who become very calm when those around me are really anxious.  I mean calmer than usual…..it’s like this deep peace comes up from within me and I know it is to be used to infuse into others.


So I started praying and believing for her….believing that the peace I felt would spread across the aisle into her space.


At one point, about 20 minutes into the flight, she got incredibly panicky.  It’s actually the closest I have ever come to seeing someone become unglued.  She reached across the aisle, grabbed my hand and asked me to help her.


I looked her in the eyes and told her to start breathing deep.  I started to breathe deeply and slowly with her….and boy did I keep praying.


I then remembered a technique for anxiety called The Butterfly Hug, so I guided her through that.  Within a minute or two she became quite calm and her breathing settled.  And thank God the turbulence quieted down!


The man and little girl next to her were amazing provision.  They talked with her the entire flight, and the little girl was the perfect person to be sitting next to her.  They shared stories, talked about Disney, and became great companions for the next two hours of the flight.


The whole experience was such a lesson for me, and I was honored to have had that mission.


I was reminded that when we are vulnerable and open and honest about where we are at, the Universe comes to our side.  This woman had a beautiful spirit.  The kind of person you just want to be around.  She was soft and generous and humble.  She was also powerful and intelligent.


And her “energy” was that of receiving and of giving.  Her willingness to expose her state of mind opened the door for others to be there with her and to extend healing and love.


Makes me wonder why we try so hard to hold it all together.  To appear strong and capable.  What if we just weren’t sometimes?  What if we just let others into our weak places….even strangers?  Ummm.


I told her how truly blessed I was to get to support her.  I felt like I had been the one gifted, not her.  She was so thankful for me, and I was so thankful for her!! Her willingness to receive made her a vessel of love. You see, she gave to me in her willingness to be loved.


I also learned that when I consciously give myself each day to the Universe to be a miracle worker, people show up in my life that I can shine for.


Or animals or nature……


All I did was choose awareness and draw from the well of sovereign peace within.  I showed up basically.  I simply showed up.


Where can you show up in life today?


Is there an area where you are hiding or withholding yourself because you fear you don’t have what it takes?


For 2012 I have decided to make myself available each day, to show up and see what miracles occur and what provision appears.


See ya up at “30,000 feet”!  The altitude sure affords some new perspectives!




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