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Something to ponder:  In every moment you have something to give and receive.


Sometimes we tend to think we are either giving or receiving in a moment.  That we are either in “giving” mode or conscious “receiving” mode.


But what if both are available literally in every moment of your life?


I believe they are.


And the more I have been “practicing” this awareness in my NOW moments, the more excited and surprised I have been at how gorgeous this is.


When this orientation is in practice….when it’s being lived out, then one remains in a constant state of “filled up”.  There isn’t anything going out without something coming back in and vice versa.


And I believe the coming and going are equal.  Like you don’t give more in a moment than you receive.  Or receive more than you give.


So let’s suppose for a moment this is just like a law…like the law of gravity or something.  Like it just IS this way.


It seems to me we are deficient in the receiving if this is the case.  So I wonder what is up with that?  Does it mean that all this juicy goodness is coming towards us in each moment and we are missing it?


I would say in our culture we tend to value giving more….as if it’s more important.


Serve serve serve….give give give.


What if we have been off on this?


What if the Universe is loving on us 24/7 and we’ve simply been missing it….either because of ignorance, resistance, or blindness?


So maybe it’s time to let go of conversations around self-worth, throw off our self-protection, and become joyful ALLOWERS of goodness.


In every NOW moment you have the opportunity to consciously give AND receive.


The way I see it is that there are two gifts for me in each moment.  Will I be open to them?  Will I see them?  Enjoy them?  Be grateful for them?


This week, make it a point to experience this.  Practice your awareness in individual moments and notice both the giving gift and the receiving gift.


Drink it in and pour it out.


Give and receive love.


Exhale and inhale.


Touch and be touched.  Become Divine Allowers in every moment.


In deep gratitude for each of you today,






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