21 Day eCourse with Julie


Uncover What is Holding You Back:  by Julie Gosh


Are you eager to uncover the light within you and move beyond confinement? Do you desire to live from your authentic self in new ways each day? Are you looking to experience more vibrancy in your life? Find your glow?

There is a richness to life, a luminosity, if you will, that is available to all of us. We can so easily miss this when we give our energy to outdated mindsets and interpretations that no longer serve us. This 21 day online course is designed to stimulate your awareness, provoke your conscience, and inspire you to grab up your personal power and live a brighter, fuller, and more intentional life.


From Barbara, Course participant:

When you read a really great book, you can’t wait to tell your friends – but you have to hold back on the plot so as not to spoil their enjoyment. And so it is with Julie Gosh’s course, ‘Uncover what is holding you Back’, but I can say it has a happy ending. 
Follow Julie’s directions, which include getting a workbook and mulling over some questions at the end of each lesson. Some days I wrote heaps, other days I just sat with a simple clear message. Each course had a lightbulb moment for me. There were tears as well. I felt a big shift over the course of the lessons and I hope anyone who is looking for help or healing finds this for themselves.  It is indeed true that when the pupil is ready, the teacher appears.”


From Jacquie, Course participant: 

“At some level I felt something or someone was holding me back from laughing more, crying a sense of relief, and smiling more, as I once had.  And more importantly, I was being held from my own inner being and could not see the who or what.  Julie’s course brought Golden Illuminated Nuggets within each message.  Perhaps a word, a phrase, a question or the entire message itself.  Golden Nuggets that gently grab your hand and guide you throughout the day, weeks, nights, etc., on a path of discovery.  This course can offer YOU the Lamp of Life in order to see your way through whatever is holding you back and do so gently, freely and deeply.  It is by far the most enlightening, genuine course I have ever taken. It has blessed me and helped me see (illuminate) that it was time to step out and begin walking down a path that was New, Invigorating, Enlightening, and Encouraging — but most of all Illuminating with Love for myself thus growing and finding that inner peace I have so longed for.”


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